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All tours include a trained tour guide, a fully air-conditioned vehicle and a cooler filled with free drinks (water, sodas, beers, and rhum punch) All free just for you.




Dear thrill-seekers, our first stop will be at St. Maarten Rain Forest Adventures. There you will get to choose one of three options as your activity.  These options are, “the flying Dutch man” that makes you actually feel like you are flying, or a traditional four-span Zip Line ride for amazing views and high-flying excitement or the last option that is called a Schooner Ride. For this last activity, the guests will have to be able to fit in an adult size beach inner tube, to go careening down the hill through curves and straightaways on a specially designed 750-foot track. 

The adventure then continues to the Maho beach, a spectacular activity and sight. We urge you to be safe and follow the warning signs but some people still hold on to the fence while a plane is taking off and they will get sand blasted all the way into the water. If that is too much for you then stay by the beach bar, and choose to buy food or a couple of drinks and watch from a safe distance.

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  • Leaves cruise facility, hotel or place of stay at 9am.

  • Rain forest Adventures.

  • Maho beach.

  • Back to the ship, or get dropped off in down town Philipsburg to spend the rest of your time on your own. In down town there are many more sights, tourist attractions, museums, casinos, duty free and tax-free shopping, art galleries, cigar lounges, beaches, restaurants, banks, pharmacies and taxi cabs to get you back on time to your ship.


  • Tour departs from cruise facility at 9am. Please be five minutes early and always check time difference between cruise ship and island time.

  • Your ship arrival time, traffic, weather conditions and other uncontrolled forces of nature can cause some itinerary changes or even cause tours to be cancelled and fully refunded. In the event of such, we reserve the right to substitute all stops with other stops to guarantee you a fun fill time and experience.

  • Things to consider bringing along with you; beach bag or back pack, beach towel, sneakers, slippers, dry clothing to change, camera, sun screen, umbrella and a face full of smiles.

  • Children: between 3 and 12 years old pay $100

  • All children must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Children must be able to sit on their own, they are not permitted to sit in laps, be in “packs” or anything that “straps” them to an adult.

  • The Flying Dutchman:

  • - Height range: min. 52 – max. 80 inches.

  • - Weight range: min. 100 – max. 275 pounds.

  • - Pregnant women, those with heart, back and neck injuries are not recommended to ride.

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